Workforce Development


Workforce Development
Berkshire’s innovative program treats work experience for what it is — education. Using classroom learning, paid internships and externships at local businesses, Workforce Development at Berkshire ensures at-risk youth are ready for careers and college after graduation.

Learning to Work Leads to Working to Learn  

Since 2012, Berkshire Farm Center has been a regional and national leader in using paid work experience to prepare at-risk youth for full-time employment and the rigors of college life.

The idea is an old one, and it’s simple: give the students jobs as a part of their education. Berkshire takes it a step further. Students not only work at jobs, but they also take classes in the basics, such as writing a resume. Once they’re successful in class, they can work in one of Berkshire’s social enterprises: catering and pizzeria, vending services, building cleaning and maintenance, horticulture, and maple syrup making.

Workforce Development gave me tools that I have used throughout college.
-- Tariq, Class of 2013

The jobs provide youth with pocket money and a potential trade. Jobs also help them connect work directly with school. Most importantly, the whole program teaches boys how to work.

Berkshire’s workforce students are beating the odds. They have become stronger students, able to follow rules, plan for the future, win scholarships, and succeed in college.

Although it’s part of our school, state education money does not cover workforce development. Our program is funded by the generosity of donors, people and businesses who want to invest in supporting a student’s journey to lifelong success.

Donate today and become a part of making a difference in students from across New York.

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